The last 24 hours the most favourite topic for talking between people all around the world is The First Lady Melania Trump. It’s because she finally got her first portret like the First Lady in the White House. On the picture she is  standing with crossed arms. Dressed up with black jacket, which definitely goes with designed ribbon around her neck, by the famous brand “Dolce & Gabbana”. On the one hand she is wearing big diamond ring, and on the other hand a 25 carat wedding ring. The photo was taken by Belgian photographer Regina Mau, who is also a friend of this family. Melania is still living in New York, with her son, because he has to finish school before they oficially move in the White House. This cost a lot about security and lot of people have criticts about First Lady. Also some of the people think that Melania Trump is very glamorous, beautifull and deserve to be The First Lady. While the other half, think that she is too atractive woman and that is something that someone bothers a lot. However this is what Melania Trump say to all the people:

“It’s my honor to be the First Lady of United States and work for the interests of the American people in the coming years,” !