Brook Lopez Jokes About Brother Robin Lopez for Fighting With Serge Ibaka

This Monday night,Russell Westbrook,Steph Curry,and other Warriors and Thunder players were in a scuffle that ended with four players receiving technical fouls.That was nothing compared to what happened during the Bulls/Raptors game just 24 hours later.It was a tense scene.On Tuesday night,two players was involved in a heated exchange that started under the Bulls half court after Jimmy Butler sank a three-pointer.Chicago center Robin Lopez and and Toronto center Serge Ibaka start a fight.Center Serge Ibaka grabbed the ball as it went through the rim and somehow threw an elbow that appeared to connect with Lopez’s back.Center Lopez responded on that by taking a hit at the ball.And everything starts from there,all hell broke loose as players from both teams joined in.Angry words and punches were thrown,and only Ibaka and Lopez were ejected from the game.
Watch the wild brawl here:

Center Lopez was ask after the game about the fight,and he seemed to put blame for it squarely on Ibaka.He said that he reacted to Ibaka’s initial elbow and that escalated the situation by going after him in the scrum. “It felt like nobody had any hold on him,” Lopez said. “And he just come at me with his two arms. I was just trying to get him off me.But Ibaka saw things differently. He blamed Lopez for his anger management:

While all of that was happening in Toronto,Lopez’s brother center Brook was playing against the Pistons in Brooklyn.He made a buzzer beater at the end of the game give the Nets win over Detroit.But when the game is finish he admitted that he had gotten wind of what happened with his brother Robin during the Bulls/Raptors game.And he responded by joking about it with reporters.All jokes aside,both players Robin and Ibaka expected to be fined and suspended for their fight.