Friday”Movie”John Witherspoon Says Ice Cube Making New ‘Friday’Sequel

According to John Witherspoon,Ice Cube making new Friday movie.It`s been almost 15 years after the raper Ice Cube released Friday After Next the 3rd sequel,and 22 years since he debuted the cult and classic first sequel Friday.The news came from his co-star and movie dad John Witherspoon.John was guest on the radio when he revealed the news about the next movie.”Cube told him about the project who got green light from the Warner Bros.”“Cube said he wants to meet with me this week, but he couldn’t make it, but we’re going to meet next week to get things together,” he sad.

Video via YouTube

When the original Friday hit in theaters in 1995 alongside Cube was Chris Tucker.After the five years later Next Friday was firs sequel,but Chris Tucker didn’t reprise his role as Smokey for the 2nd or 3rd sequel.Tucker didn`t  seem too enthusiastic about participating when the rumors began circulating about a fourth Friday movie.But let`s hope that Lat Friday will finally happen,and that Tucker will reprice the role as the stoned Smokey.