Under Urmour`s 3D-printing technology is getting better and better with each model and the latest ArchiTech Futurist model is technological movement.Last year Under Armour offers a limited shoes with a 3D-printed midsole,and ArchiTech is latest version of the company.This year UA is back with another model,a high-top variant.The midsole of the shoe is 3d printed,which is used to create a “dynamic lattice network”for plenty of stability and cushion.UA uses a compression lace system that adds an external sleeve with a zipper for a very secure fit.When the user`s of the shoes is training or running,the shoe will offer comfort to the heel,and supposed to be steady enough.Printing techniques for shoes will make mass production,and the latest reports shows that we need full day of printing for one pair.The ArchiTech Futurist will be launched with a very limited edition 300$ sneaker.Anyone who are interested for this shoe,can try to get a pair March 30th on UA.com or at select Brand Houses.