Rappers and Sneakers

A long time ago no one could’ve predicted that the biggest name in footwear would be Kanye West.He bring music to new high,but his mix into  footwear and fashion wouldn’t come until several years later.

It’s hard to fault companies,in today’s landscape who are looking to capitalize rappers after seeing the impact of Kanye working with German brand ADIDAS.He’s one of some high-profile acts who’ve linked with sneaker companies and added their flair to the footwear industry.ADIDAS make collaboration and with other HipHop stars like(Pharrell Williams,Pusha T,and Snoop Dogg),and those names make the company rice  to new heights.The collaboration with West has created a buzz around the all world,while the retro models like Stan Smith and ADIDAS Superstar  are loved by millennials on both sides of the Atlantic.

Today and then we get lucky and get to witness a collaboration turn into a synergy.We got partnerships like West’s Yeezys,Tyler, The Creator’s Vans collection,or Pharell`s collection(Human Race for ADIDAS).Because those partnerships were so organic and seamless,the regardless of the sales play,they inspired a love of both product and creator.Rebook’s  worked with Harlem rap Legend Cam`ron for colorful collaborations.The company recently as well,make a deal with Future to introduce a new model,the Zoku Runner.The deal comes when Canadian rapper Drake alignet with Jordan Brand to drop OVO sneakers.Puma’s entered the game too,signing with Rihhana,and Big Sean.Puma put their sneakers in front of a whole generation of fans.West and ADIDAS are the winner in all those collaboration because he win award for his 350 Boost model.

Kanye and ADIDAS continue to see sellout after sellout every time a new Yeezy Boost colorway pops up.His name has been able to create more energy than most of the big name athletes doo.