New Nike LeBron 15 Sneakers Are Special for the Court And Night Life

The first Nike LeBron 15 colorway is beige,and is called “Ghost”.Unlike any of his previous court kicks,the LeBron latest signature shoe boasts a Flyknit Battle construction on its upper and fully articulated cushioning system that pairs Max Air and Zoom Air units.We have two distinct categories for today’s basketball sneaker:Sneakers for playing loaded with technology,they must be super light and supportive above all.And there are the sneakers you wear to hang out  in night or day,made to be exlusive and eye-catching above all.

But,for the King’s,entire footwear team work on amazing innovation to the product, “We wanted to make something that was modern, distinct, bold but [also] really simple and sleek”.When you are of the court,there’s the distinct look,and they look futuristic with new technology BattleKnit.It’s built to deliver more security and support, and a series of unique ripples along the shoe add texture and a reptilian look. It’s an exterior fit for either Game of Thrones or a space walk on Jupiter, interesting enough to wear out at night, but not loud enough to seem out-of-place in a club.

It’s also a decidedly different exterior for a LeBron. Previous Brons were strictly built for the court; this has always been one of the heavier basketball sneakers in Nike’s portfolio, meant for power athletes and power play. Nike never hid that either, with plenty of exposed Flywire, meaty soles, and an armor-plated look.

That’s not true of the LeBron 15. Partly because of BattleKnit, this exterior looks sharp, polished and clean with the Ghost colorway and leatherlike touches near the tongue. These kicks beg to be worn out of the gym. Yet, they’ll perform just fine in the gym, albeit in decidedly different ways than LeBrons of yesteryear. Before this year, LeBron’s sneakers featured were wildly rigid. I’d never play in them without high socks because they’d cut at the backs of my feet, near my Achilles.

But the BattleKnit material changes the game here, too: These LeBrons have a tight, sock-like fit, and the material locks your foot to the sole nicely. The resulting shoe is comfortable, and it moves with you on the court, without ever feeling overly tight.

The BattleKnit is also responsible for cutting down the time you need to break in the sneaker; I was box jumping in these the first day I donned them, shooting around without thinking about them just a half-hour later. That’s a vast improvement over your typical basketball kicks. This year’s Air Jordan 32s, for example, required some break-in time.

None of this sacrifices security in the shoe. Your ankles feel safe and supported, so you cut easily, and the traction on the LeBron 15s is excellent, especially indoors. I missed an extra-high box jump and landed awkwardly in these, but didn’t feel a thing in my ankle just moments later.

If you love cutting and changing direction on the court, you may not have liked previous LeBrons, but you’ll love these, which let you move quickly. Yet these still feel tough and durable, just like previous LeBrons, built to take a pounding on the court.

The end result is one of my favorite pairs of kicks this year, both for hooping and for hanging out. Sure, this year’s Hyperdunks were a fantastic basketball shoe, but you wouldn’t hit the town in them really, would you?

You can do just that in these—and after a game of hoops. And that’s something special.

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